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Department of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Translation Studies was established in 2000. The department trains specialists in two educational undergraduate programs - “Translation Studies” and “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” and1.jpg Master's Educational Program - “Translation Studies”.

The head of the department is Zhumagulova Natalia Stanislavovna, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor. Research interests: linguistics, methods of teaching foreign languages ​​and cultures, intercultural communication, sociolinguistics.

The training of specialists in the educational programs of the department is carried out by highly qualified teachers: Mukhamedina A.A., Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor; Bataeva F.A., Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor; Brataeva A.A., postgraduate student of the OMGA, Master of Pedagogical Sciences in the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" Eismont E.A., Master of Linguistics Zhakupova A.I., Masters of Pedagogical Sciences in the specialty "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages" Akhetova A.A. ., Astafieva A.A. and etc.

All teachers of the department are engaged in research work, have numerous publications in scientific journals in the far and near abroad, in national editions, in collections of international scientific conferences, are co-authors of teaching aids and collective monographs.

Teachers of the department underwent internships at leading universities in Germany, Russia, in the Republican JSC "National Center for Teacher Development "Orleu".