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The Department "Tourism, basic military training, physical education and sport" Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University

The department of "Tourism, basic military training, physical education and sport" was organized in 2013. The head of the department is a doctor of economic sciences Abisheva Gulmira Olzhabekovna. 1.jpg

In the specialty “Tourism”, “Initial military training”, “Physical culture and sport”, the following levels of education are being prepared: bachelor’s degree, magistracy (specialty “Tourism”).

The objectives of the department are:

• In accordance with the requirements and expectations of consumers, improving the quality of educational services based on innovative and information technologies;

• Improving the theoretical and methodological level of teaching for the training of highly qualified personnel;

• Formation and disclosure of the individuality and personality of the student, professional self-determination.

                           The main tasks of the department:

• Improving the theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge of teachers through a system of advanced training;

• Improving the methodological level of teaching, active use of interactive methods and innovative learning technologies;

• Actively engage in scientific and methodological work, to attract students to research activities more widely, activating the work of the scientific student group;

• Through the work of student clubs, to form students' knowledge of world political, social, economic processes, a clear understanding of the place of Kazakhstan in the world historical process and Kazakhstan patriotism;

• Through educational work, form students with a high level of internal culture, moral and ethical principles of ethical behavior and a healthy lifestyle.

The quantitative and qualitative parameters of the faculty of the department meet the requirements of the educational program for the preparation of bachelor, master. The educational process is provided by scientific and pedagogical personnel with the basic education that corresponds to the profile of the taught discipline and systematically engaged in scientific, scientific and methodological activities.

There is a methodical commission at the department, which controls the teaching work of the faculty.

In order to improve the methodological level of teaching staff at the department, a methodical commission was organized, the head of which is Shaharbek Tulegenovich Tulegenovich, candidate of pedagogical sciences. For the training of specialists, the department has training classes, computer classes, specialized classrooms, lecture halls with interactive boards that meet technical and sanitary requirements.

For organizations of educational and practical training of students in the field of preparation, methodical instructions have been prepared, as well as contracts with practice bases have been signed.

 Department of Tourism, basic military training and physical education and sports realizes educational process within the framework of the quality policy of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University: to provide licensed educational services that meet modern requirements for educational activities in market conditions, aimed at meeting the needs of society in the preparation of competitive and highly qualified specialists .