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Description of Key Action 1

Students and Teachers Mobility

The program Erasmus + has opened new opportunities for students, teachers and other staff of the universities which are implemented within Key Action of 1 (Key Action 1). The mobility of students and teachers is an important component of the system of the higher education allowing to develop to the universities of both the Program Countries and the Partners Countries where the mobility becomes an incentive for improvement of quality of teaching, improvement of activity of the international and student's services, for comparison and updating of training programs. The mobility promotes development of the best strategy of internationalization which everywhere is the catalyst of the higher education system reform. The mobility is important and useful, of course, both to students, and to the teaching staff, and to administrative personnel of higher education institutions, exerting positive impact on quality of the higher education in general through formation and development of instruments of recognition.


Program Countries

28 of ES+ Member States  Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Partners Countries

Other countries of the world



Students, teachers and staff of the Kazakhstan universities can participate in short-term mobility which is carried out within bilateral agreements about mobility between the universities from the Program Countries and the universities from the Partners Countries.

Student's mobility: duration from 3 to 12 months (at most).

Mobility of teachers and other staff of the university for teaching or training: duration from 5 days to 2 months (at most, excepting time spent for the road).

Participants of mobility get a grant which covers expenses on transport, visas, an insurance and accommodation. The grant for employees can include costs of the road (one day before the beginning of mobility, one day after mobility) recognition of test units (the general name from here – Credit Mobility): duration – from 3 to 12 months (at most) in every period of training.

Programme or initiative

Reference number

Beneficiary Organisation

HEI Partner


Title of the Project

Erasmus + KA 1

Interinstitutional agreement 2016-2021 between the universities of the program country and of the partner country







Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

(Latvia, Valmiera city)

International Credit Mobility of students and teachers