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Exhibition of creative works dedicated to the amateur art show "Akmola zhuldyzdary"

The Palace of Culture "Dostar" hosted an exhibition of creative works and scientific and innovative projects of students in the educational program "Design" of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University, which was traditionally prepared for the regional amateur art show "Akmola zhuldyzdary". The exhibition featured tapestries, felt and embroidered panels, paintings made of leather and beads, as well as original works made in painting and graphics. The young generation of masters of artistic creativity surprises with interesting solutions and creative ideas using modern technologies and new materials. Most of the works are presented in the Kazakh national style, which indicates a high level of development of cultural heritage and the formation of cultural values, expressed through the creation of creative works and works of art of a new format based on the cultural traditions of the Kazakh people. The exhibition was visited by members of the jury and the leadership of the university, teachers, students and parents, leaving admiring reviews.






Eismont O.P., Senior Lecturer of the

Department of Design and Cultural and Leisure Work