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Participation of the teacher in social activities

January 29, 2021. Professor of the Department of Jurisprudence of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University, Candidate of Legal Sciences Aisin S.B. took part in the meeting of the Council for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs and Anti-Corruption of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region.The meeting considered the fact of illegal actions by employees of the Sanitary Epidemiological Committee of Pavlodar in relation to the entrepreneur "Igilik" LLP. Thanks to the participation and competence of Professor S.B. Aisin, the Sanitary Epidemiological Committee inspection report was recognized as illegal. The teacher shares his entrepreneurial defense skills with students in financial law classes


Bukhaeva A.A., Head of the Department of Jurisprudence, Doctor of Political Science