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The teaching profession is a fusion of talent and craft, it is a unity of inspiration and skill. There is nothing in this profession that everyone will not be able to do. But not everyone could become a teacher (teacher). The teaching profession is a paradox, the resolution of which is possible only through the prism of personality. The personality determines the content of the activity. It is only within the personality of the teacher that the formula of success is born, which turns the craft of teaching into an art. And everyone has his own formula. The Department of Ecology, Life Safety and Environmental Protection is known for its strong, highly qualified teaching staff, among which I would like to single out Candidate of Biological Sciences Zhabaeva Marhaba Urakpaevna. It was she who saw how the formation and growth of the department took place, and thanks to her, the educational programs "Ecology" and "Life Safety" were replenished with valuable graduates. In 1979, she graduated from the Kazakh Order of the Banner of Labor State University named after S. M. Kirov with the qualification of "Biologist, teacher of Biology and Chemistry", and in 1991 she completed postgraduate studies in the specialty: "Biological Chemistry" at the A. N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences and received the degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences. Starting her career as a junior employee in the Laboratory of Plant Biochemistry at the Institute of Grain Farming, Marhaba Urakpaevna began to "shape" her professional path, replenishing it with new achievements, and for 39 years she has been tirelessly devoting herself to teaching, constantly improving and improving her qualifications. It is her practical experience, as well as individual teaching methods, that help students understand the future profession from different angles.


Urazbaeva S.E., M.E.S., Senior lecturer of the Department of Ecology, Life Safety and Environmental Protection.