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On February 26, 2021, on the basis of the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Economics of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University, there was held a meeting of the International scientific community on the topic "Problems of introducing innovative technologies in the activities of second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan", in which the faculty of the department and students of the educational programs "Finance" took an active part. Patlasov O. Yu., Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Smolensk State Agricultural Academy; Shubaev D. A., Chief Specialist of the Information Technology Sector of SB Sberbank JSC; Shaimergenova Zh. B., Director of the branch of JSC "Eurasian Bank", Kokshetau were invited to the meeting of the scientific community. The event discussed the problems associated with the policy of innovation in banks. A fruitful scientific dialogue about the effectiveness of the use of auto-informants and a robot-operator in the activities of banks, on the activities of neobanks in Kazakhstan, on the use of Block-chain technology in the banking sector took place. The participants of the meeting successfully completed their work. The recommendations have been taken into account and will contribute to the innovative development of the banking services market in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and will also help in the development and preparation of important decisions in the banking sector.


Department of "Finance" of A. Myrzakhmetov KU