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The student house is our common home

On frosty and cold days after classes, we rush to our cozy, warm Student House of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University. As usual, having come to our native walls, we cook food in the kitchen, tidy up the rooms and do our own things. But today it was especially lively and exciting in the lobby of the first floor, where IEF students gathered to sum up the results of living in the Students' House in the first half of the year. The strict but fair dean of our faculty, Aitzhamal Aitzhanovna, first greeted all the students, then reminded them of the rules for living in a hostel. She noted those students who follow these rules and thanked everyone for their careful and conscientious attitude to the property of the university. It was very pleasant for many children to receive a diploma from the dean for the impeccable living in the Students' House. We, students of the Faculty of Engineering and Ecology, want to say "Thank you!" for warmth and comfort in our rooms, for affordable shower rooms, for sports halls, for a smile on our faces, for providing us with comfortable conditions, for safety within the walls of our hostel, to our university management Sagintay Zekenovich and Saya Sabirovna, commandant of the House of Students, our educators night and day, watchmen, our dean and teachers - curators for taking care of us. The student house is our common home, and we will try to maintain order, warmth and comfort in it, take care of it so that it will serve the students for many years to come, ”the students expressed their gratitude.


SYL of the Faculty of Engineering and Ecology