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Students’ life

"I am a Kazakhstani!"

It was under this name that on September 10, 2020, the competition of social videos was held. It was held by KSI "Kogamdyk Kelesim" under the Akim's Office of Akmola region together with the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. Students of our university Boranbaev Erbol and Maksyukov Ivan became the winners of this competition. The award ceremony was held in the House of Friendship in a solemn atmosphere.

Party action.

On December 04, 2019, representatives of “Nur Otan” party, together with the Youth wing of “Zhas Otan”, opened the Boxes of Confidence. Party leaders extracted many letters from them with interesting suggestions and wishes of students from Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University. Feedback has taken place, a lot of work lies ahead.


Youth Forum

On September 12, 2019, Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University hosted the youth forum “Kazakh language is the eternal wealth of our country”, dedicated to the Day of the Languages ​​of the People of Kazakhstan.

Minute of fame of the best students of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University

On November 28, on the eve of the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an annual ceremony of honoring the best students of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University - “Student of the Year” took place in “Dostar” Palace of Culture.

Questioning students.

On December 05, 2019, Deputy Chairperson of Akmola Regional Branch of the Youth Wing “Jas Otan” G. Bokesh, head of the project office of “Akmola adaldyk alany” Taitenova S.O. and activists of the Youth wing "Jas Otan" conducted a survey among students of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University.

The meeting of students of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University with Honorary Citizens of Akmola Oblast.

        "Without the past, there is no present." Students of A.Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University, who met on October 23, 2018 with labor veterans, Honorary Citizens of Akmola Oblast, felt the power of this phrase, which had already become winged.

Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University Student - world Boxing champion.

         On September 19, a solemn event was held in our University: a meeting with the world Boxing champion Eslyamgali Aizada Tolegenkyzy, who, having connected her life with sports, chose our University, entered the specialty "Physical culture and sports" for further self- development and higher education.

Oscar for the best students of Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University

The exclusive show of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University, akin to such television programs as the Golden Gramophone, Oscar, Golden Palm Branch, etc., but only on an all-in-one basis, was held on December 6, 2018 in the Culture House "Dostar".

The power of the bright light of talent.

Once again, “Dostar” Palace of Culture Hall witnessed a truly unforgettable spectacle - a reporting review of students at the youth and leisure center of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University. The rumor about the talented youth of the university and its ingenious director has long overcome the borders of the Akmola region and has spread far beyond the vastness of our country.

Heart to Heart.

Mark Twain wrote that kindness is what the deaf can hear and the blind see. To do good is man’s most humane ability.