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We invest in the professional development of students with Coursera

Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University invests in the professional development of its students with Coursera. Students from the Departments of Tourism, Basic Military Training, Physical Education and Sports completed the Coursera Online Courses on the online learning platform with paid and free content. This platform gives students the opportunity to learn a lot, explore any interesting or popular topic and develop their skills. I would like to congratulate our students on the successful completion of the courses: Sarsenbaeva S. (OP “Initial Military Training”, 3rd year), Idrisova N., Karimzhan M. (OP “Physical Culture and Sports”, 3rd year), Ospanova A. (2 course), Malitskaya M., Kenzhetai A. (EP “Tourism”, 3rd year). The students chose different topics for their additional development. Upon completion of training, course students received certificates indicating completion of additional professional training and confirming the level and quality of knowledge acquired. Coursera certificates provide official recognition from world-renowned educational institutions or companies around the world, help you improve your skills and demonstrate your commitment to learning to a future employer.







Department of Tourism, Basic Military Training,

Physical Culture and Sports