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A word about a poet

In order to form spiritual and moral values ​​among the younger generation through the work of famous personalities in student groups of the Faculty of Engineering and Ecology of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University on September 6 this year. a curatorial hour was held on the topic "A poet singing the truth of life", which was prepared by the curators-teachers together with the students.

The children received a lot of interesting, informative and instructive information about Tolegen Kazhybay, a poet, prose writer, journalist who taught the younger generation to be honest citizens of their country. Among all the spiritual and moral qualities, he considered honesty the most valuable in a person. Tolegen Kazhybay called for the creation of all conditions for the development of youth.

In the memory of students, the poet will remain calling to live openly, truthfully, sincerely.



Kenzhebaeva Zh.K., teacher-curator, IEF