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Youth work as a goal-forming technology for socialization of future generations

Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University and Modern Education & Research Institute held an international scientific conference “Youth work as a goal-forming technology for socialization of future generations”on October 08.
The conference was held within the framework of the project of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Unogogics: theory and practice of youth work in the conditions of modernization of public consciousness”.

The event was attended by pre-teachers and members of the University administration from:
Of Russia
Armenia Georgia

The main goal of working with young people is to support young people in the process of gaining independence, as well as personal, social and educational development. The goal of working with young people is to help them better prepare for the challenges of life and become active citizens of society.
Anagogical - is also a progressive field of study. There are only a few countries in the European Union with established policies and structures for youth work. This topic has started to develop intensively in Europe relatively recently, mainly through civil society organizations, which still maintain their positions as the main service providers in this area. With the increase in the number and scale of youth projects, there is a need for professionalization, standardization, and quality assurance. This has created a demand for more in-depth research on the topic of youth work and an accompanying offer at universities.

The conference experts were:
Alexander Teslenko, "the Concept of youth work in Kazakhstan” - Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University (Kazakhstan)
Inga Milevich," Discussions in the style of snowflake: changing the discourse?"- Alberta College (Latvia) 
Anastasia Dvoryanchikova, " Student activity in KULeuven” - KULeuven (Belgium)

Speakers and listeners covered the following topics during the discussion:
Current problems of modern youth: challenges of the time;
Youth work in the context of modernizing modern education and democratizing society;
Free time and leisure of young people-from problems to implementation of social projects;
Internet socialization: moral and aesthetic aspects
Infrastructure for working with young people: socio-economic aspect.